Love: Our team 'maybe best ever assembled'


Davis Love III said his U.S. Ryder Cup team of 11 – soon to be 12 – might be the best in golf history.

Love joined Matt Adams’ “Fairways of Life” on Friday and was discussing the confidence his team needs in order to win the Ryder Cup for the first time since 2008.

“We don’t have to do anything superhuman, we’re a great golf team,” Love said. “This is the best golf team, maybe, ever assembled.”

Love said past teams have played “not to lose, rather than to win,” and that panic would set in early in the matches if things didn’t go well. In order to reverse that, Love said, U.S. players needed to display some bravado.

“You need to stand up there, smash it down the middle and take off walking,” he said, “and let the other team know we are going to dominate you.”

Love added that the vice captains checked in with each other on Thursday evening and that Tiger was a little late to join because of attending soccer practice. Check out the video below for more Love comments on Woods, his vice captains and their need for a game plan.

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