LPGA embracing exposure that comes with Olympics


RIO DE JANEIRO – Exposure. It’s a word that’s been thrown around the Olympics quite a bit the past two days. Although the men could benefit from the exposure the Olympics provides, they have plenty of exposure throughout the year.

It’s much less for the women, something they realize. It’s a big reason why all the top names showed up to compete, unlike their male counterparts.

“Once people experience it and see it, that’s when they come back,” Lewis said Tuesday. “The more eyeballs we can get on us the better.

“It’s beyond anything I think we could do as a tour. We can piggyback the Olympics and hopefully grow out tour and grow women’s golf. When you have an opportunity to represent your country, you go. When you have an opportunity to play on the biggest stage, you go. It’s just what we do.”

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LPGA commissioner Mike Whan gets it too, that’s why, as far back as two years ago, he cleared the 2016 schedule for three weeks so all the focus could be on his players and the Olympics.

“This is big, this is a bigger stage than we see week in and week out,” Whan said. “When you talk to players all over the world about the Olympics, it’s different. It’s a different level of connection. This is a stage that’s bigger than the average stage we get.”

And it’s something they intend to capitalize on.