Mets to star CF: Golf while injured 'bad optics'


We’ve previously documented Yoenis Cespedes’ love for golf. He played a round the day his New York Mets clinched the NLCS last year.

And the center-fielder continues to play, despite an injured quadricep that kept him out of July’s All-Star Game and has limited his starts.

Wednesday, former player Kevin Millar tweeted this photo:

That evening, Cespedes tweaked his quad on a ninth-inning strikeout and was placed on the disabled list.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, while admitting golf played no role in the injury, did not seem pleased with the perception, as a quote from this article indicates:

“The golf is bad optics,” Alderson said. “Let’s just start there. Our doctors have told us that probably had no impact on the injury — positive or negative. But let’s face it: You play golf during the day and then go out injured in the evening, it’s a bad visual. I think he recognizes that at this point. So we’ll go from there.”

So, no more golf for Cespedes. For now.