Muirfield member tells Scottish paper: No vote was 'against the media'


Muirfield members who voted no to female admittance did so as an act against the media, not women, Scottish newspaper The Scotsman reported.

A two-thirds majority 'yes' vote was needed from the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers to allow female members into Muirfield for the first time, but it was revealed last Thursday that only 64 percent voted for admittance.

The Scotsman talked to 81-year-old former rugby player and Muirfield member John Douglas, who was quoted as saying: "It wasn’t so much a vote against the ladies as a vote against the media and the press telling us what to do. No one likes being hammered all the time.”

It was previously reported by The Scotsman that a group of 33 Muirfield members led a 'no' campaign, based in part on disdain for media and public outcry that they believed began when the club hosted the 2013 Open Championship.

Martin Slumbers, chief executive of the R&A, responded to Muirfield's vote by saying that future Opens would not be hosted at the club under its current policy

“We knew what was going to happen with the R&A and The Open, but we feel that we had to prove a point with a strong bunch behind the vote," Douglas said. "We were quite pleased to win the final vote, but it is sad in a way as some of the ladies who work in the offices and elsewhere in the clubhouse have received horrible phone calls. I feel sorry for the committee and it (the fallout from the vote) will all have to come to a halt sometime to allow the committee to relax a bit.”