My first major: Talking with a legend


PINEHURST, N.C. – The media center this week at Pinehurst resembles an upscale refugee camp, with a yawning tent housing row after row of scribes hunched over computers. As luck would have it, the space set aside for this week put me just a few seats away from legendary sportswriter Dan Jenkins.

Jenkins has been writing about golf since the Truman administration, building a career with publications including the Fort Worth Press, Sports Illustrated and currently, Golf Digest. While this marks my first major, Jenkins is working on major No. 222. At 84 years old, he is attending his 61st U.S. Open this week and has covered every Masters since 1951.

I asked him if covering these big events gets easier over time.

My first major: The biggest stage

“Trust me,” he said, “they’re never easy.”

If my math is correct, I’ll match Jenkins’ current mark if I attend every major from now until the Open Championship in 2069, when I would be 85 years old and probably writing about Tiger Woods’ grandson. I’d say that his record is pretty safe, since I’m sure Jay Coffin will tire of signing off on my expense reports long before then.