Obama's golf rules: No politics, 'presidential pardons'


After two presidential elections and six years in office, we pretty much know everything about President Barack Obama.

The New York Times, however, attempted to uncover the one last mystery surrounding the President – his golf game.

So what did the Times discover?

Well, unlike President Bill Clinton, who wasn't bashful about gimmes or mulligans, aka "presidential pardons," Obama plays by the rules.

And according to several golfers who have played with the president, politics is not discussed on the course.

Fair enough. But does 44 have game? While Michael Jordan had some unflattering things to say about Obama's golfing skills, the Times reports the President now shoots in the 80s and nearly shot 79 this summer after struggling to break 100 in his first few years as commander in chief.

But most of all, it sounds like the President plays golf for the same reasons most of us do – it's a great way to get away from the stress of everyday life.

“He makes a bad shot, and he makes fun of himself. You make a bad shot, and he makes a joke with you," a golfer who's played with Obama told the Times. "He just seems happy to be out there, so the poor play doesn’t bother him.”