'Old school' Woods still getting the hang of Twitter


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – When it was brought up to Tiger Woods that he’s tweeted five times in the past two days, he cut off the questioner with a laugh.

“I’m hot, aren’t I?” he asked facetiously.

The man with more than 3.7 million Twitter followers has only tweeted a total of 311 times, but he maintained that could change as he learns more about social media.

“I grew up in a different era, and it's a little bit different for me,” he said. “I'm still a little bit old school. I'm kind of getting towards it, but still not quite grasping the whole concept yet, but I'll get there eventually.”

Woods admitted that girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, who has more than a quarter-million followers and nearly 1,700 tweets, has encouraged him to tweet more frequently.

“As far as her convincing me to tweet more, yes, she certainly has hinted that.”