Overton removed from Indiana basketball game


About the only thing Jeff Overton is more passionate about than the Ryder Cup is Indiana basketball.

Overton, as he is wont to do, got a little too rowdy at the Indiana-Louisville basketball game in New York City on Tuesday night. So rowdy, in fact, that he was kicked out of Madison Square Garden, as confirmed by Rivals.com reporter Jeff Rabjohns:

Now, it is unclear what exactly Overton did to get ejected from the game, but the 31-year-old did tweet post-ejection and (likely) pre-agent intervention:

“If Louisville gonna hit someone very time down court like they did when they won championship. Why they kicking me out! ??????????”

Perhaps Overton should begin watching Hoosiers games at home. In 2011, he was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct following an Indiana-Kentucky tilt.

Boom, baby!