Patel will retain status after serving suspension


Bhavik Patel will lose a year playing professional golf on the Tour but not his status on the secondary circuit following news on Wednesday he has been suspended by the PGA Tour.

Patel, who became the second player to be suspended by the Tour for a performance-enhancing drug violation, was scheduled to play the Tour this season on a major medical exemption.

Tour chief marketing officer Ty Votaw confirmed via e-mail that Patel will retain his status on the Tour after he serves his suspension, which ends on Oct. 7.

The undisclosed injury forced Patel, who was playing his second season on the secondary circuit in 2014, to miss the last six regular-season events leading into the four Tour Finals tournaments.

The injury may also be the reason behind Patel’s suspension. In a statement released by the Tour on Wednesday the 24-year-old said, “In an effort to overcome an injury, I made a lapse of judgment. I regret my decision but have learned from the experience and look forward to returning to competition.”

The 2015 Tour season ends on Oct. 4.