PGA of America officials, Azinger met last week


The PGA of America’s Ryder Cup task force has not yet had a meeting, but a spokesman for the PGA confirmed that leaders from the association recently met with Paul Azinger to discuss various topics concerning future matches.

Although the spokesman declined to give any details about the meeting, a source familiar with the session acknowledged officials met with Azinger, the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup captain, last week at the PGA’s south Florida headquarters for about an hour.

The source characterized the meeting as a chance for Azinger and the PGA to “get reacquainted” and that few specifics were discussed.

Azinger told Golf Channel last month that he had been asked to serve on the 11-member task force, which is scheduled to meet next month in Orlando, Fla., but declined, at least for now.

“I didn’t say no,” he said on Oct. 15. “I said not yet. I think everything is going too fast. It’s just too soon to make that kind of decision when emotions are involved.”

The task force will exam the entire Ryder Cup system, from how captains are picked to the selection of the 12 team members and even the schedule of events during the matches.

The source familiar with last week’s meeting said it “went really well” and that Azinger and officials from the PGA plan to meet again in December.