Player poll: Pros in favor of bifurcation, keeping Trump courses


The majority of PGA Tour players said they should break from the USGA and create their own rules, aren’t concerned with performance-enhancing drugs and do not believe disciplinary action should be publicized, according to the latest Sports Illustrated/ anonymous player poll.

The survey of 50 Tour players touched on a wide variety of topics, from the slowest players on the circuit (Ben Crane) to the biggest overachiever (William McGirt) to whether the USGA and PGA should move away from Donald Trump-owned courses (88 percent said no) and if golf belongs in the Olympics (68 percent said yes).

One of the most interesting revelations was 62 percent of the players surveyed saying the Tour should create its own set of rules, as opposed to just 34 percent who said no. Bifurcation was a topic of discussion followed the governing bodies’ proposed rules changes announced earlier this month, but Tour officials have repeatedly said how difficult it'd be to enforce a different set of rules on a week-to-week basis.

That said, player support of the USGA continues to wane, as 74 percent said that the PGA of America put on a better tournament, as opposed to just 4 percent who voted for the USGA.

Other hot topics:

• 84 percent of those surveyed said that they are not concerned that players are taking PEDs that are undetectable under the current urine test

• 56 percent of players surveyed said the Tour should not disclose disciplinary action, while 40 percent said yes.

• 66 percent (as opposed to 22 percent) said Rory McIlroy does not lift too much

• Crane was labeled as the slowest player on Tour, but Jason Day and Jordan Spieth were among the top 4. On a related note, 84 percent said slow play is a problem on Tour.