Players getting down and dirty on Day 2 at PGA


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The words of the day during Round 2 of the 96th PGA Championship will be ... mud balls.

On Friday morning, the first few groups at Valhalla played for 20 minutes, failing to complete a single hole before heavy rains caused a delay.

After a 45-minute suspension, play resumed. That raised some eyebrows – not because PGA of America officials sent players back out, but because they chose to resume the round rather than restart.

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By wiping out the first 20 minutes of play and restarting, they could have chosen to allow players to play lift, clean and place. That's obviously not optimal conditions for a major championship, but neither is precipitation that is expected to be torrential at times during the day.

Even if that doesn't materialize, there's sure to be plenty of grumbling from competitors about the saturated grounds bringing luck into play.

Perhaps that's the PGA's only defense of a course that yielded low scores in the opening round, with three players tied for the lead at 6-under 65 and a total of 53 under par.

With lift, clean and place in effect on a soft track that already wasn't playing that difficult, the all-time single-round major championship record of 63 would be in serious jeopardy.

So expect a long slog on Friday, with plenty of mud balls. They are already the words of the day – and that's only going to increase as they continue through the round.