Poulter: European players have lost respect for Faldo


It appears that Ian Poulter’s new autobiography required a few last-minute edits.

Poulter said in his new book, “No Limits”, that the European Ryder Cup team is furious with Nick Faldo and that many of the players have lost respect for him after he called Garcia “useless” during the 2008 Ryder Cup.

“Sergio puts a brave face on it but the rest of the guys are fuming,” Poulter wrote in the book, according to The Telegraph. “I’m shocked that he has said it. It’s highly disrespectful. It’s a cheap shot and it’s the worst possible timing.

“It makes me laugh. Faldo is talking about someone being useless at the 2008 Ryder Cup. That’s the Ryder Cup where he was captain. That’s the Ryder Cup where the Europe team suffered a heavy defeat. And he was captain. So who’s useless?

“Faldo might need to have a little look in the mirror. I have always got on great with Faldo in the past and I have a great deal of respect for everything he has achieved but this feels like sour grapes. It feels like a guy who is still bitter that he lost in 2008.

“Faldo has lost a lot of respect from players because of what he said. There were plenty of things a lot of the players were unhappy with at Valhalla but none of us criticized him. He may find that begins to change now.” 

In 2008, Garcia, then the world No. 3, was on the heels of a painful breakup when he went 0-2-2 at Valhalla, his worst record in seven Ryder Cups played. Faldo remains Europe's only losing Ryder Cup captain since 1999.

After making the remarks on Golf Channel last month, Faldo admitted that his choice of words was “harsh” and added that it was among the perils of live television.