Poulter to play Open after MRI reveals no wrist damage


HOYLAKE, England – Ian Poulter began his Open Championship week with a trip to the doctor.

The Englishman said he “jarred” his wrist while playing a shot at the Scottish Open. An MRI revealed no ligament damage, but Poulter will be on anti-inflammatories and painkillers to combat some of the discomfort in the area. 

“At least I can rest assured if I’m in the rough, I can have a go at it 100 percent and know that I’m not going to do any damage,” he said Tuesday at Royal Liverpool.

Poulter said that he’s had three ganglion cysts in his wrist in the past, and that each time they were drained to relieve the discomfort. He will wait until returning to the States to undergo the same procedure.  

“The pain is bearable,” he said, before adding: “I think I’d rather wait and chew some painkillers until I see [the doctor].”