Punch Shot: Dream 'Feherty' guest


While many notable names have joined David Feherty over the years, there are still some golf stories left untold. So as we celebrate the new season of "Feherty," our GolfChannel.com writers offer up their dream interview for the show.


My first thought was another all-time great of the game. Maybe Gary Player to join the likes of Jack and Arnie. Or in the wake of President Clinton's appearance, perhaps our current commander-in-chief, President Obama. Or the commander-in-chief of everything else, Billy Payne. Hell, knowing David he could probably do an hour with the Ghost of Bobby Jones.

Then it came to me. There's only one logical answer as to whom I'd most like to watch in a candid, no-holds-barred interview.

Tiger Woods.

Now, I'm not so naïve to think that Feherty and his producers didn't reach out to Tiger's people the minute their show was conceived and on a regular basis ever since. I trust they've laid the groundwork and hope it can become a reality sometime soon.

After all, Woods and Feherty have an amiable relationship and while Tiger doesn't often disclose too many personal feelings, I think he would be able to show a different side to himself in this setting as opposed to the multitudes of pre- and post-round interviews he gives throughout the year.

Too often we only see Tiger in this arena, telling us about the 6-iron out of the rough on No. 11 or the 15-footer he drained on the last hole. It would be terrific to watch him in a more relaxed setting, speaking with an interviewer whom he likes and respects.

He might pour his heart out, or he might not say much. Either way, though, it would be must-see TV.

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Hey, let’s see David Feherty interview Mrs. Doubtfire.

No, wise guys, that’s not a shot at Colin Montgomerie. Ah, that probably wouldn’t work, not with Montgomerie blaming Feherty for labeling him “Mrs. Doubtfire,” a moniker that dogged Montgomerie for a time when he was among American galleries.

I’m talking Robin Williams, dressed as Mrs.Doubtfire. Now that would be a match of wits to cherish. Williams did a funny gag about golfing during his stand-up comedy days, and Mrs. Doubtfire surely must know golf, being a Scot. If Feherty ever pulled that off, he would have to do a two-part show. It would be that good.


David Feherty has touched on nearly every aspect of the golf world during his tenure as a talk show host with one exception – Joe LaCava.

In 2011, Feherty had Mike “Fluff” Cowan and Jim “Bones” Mackay on his show, two of the game’s best and most intriguing loopers, and LaCava would complete the caddie yard trifecta for the Northern Irishman.

Consider that LaCava has caddied for Fred Couples, Dustin Johnson and now Tiger Woods in his career. The tales he could tell from his days on Couples’ bag, alone, could fill an hour show. For more than 20 years, LaCava was Mr. Cool’s right-hand man, including his lone major victory at the 1992 Masters.

The two were inseparable right up until the point that Couples, nursing a chronically ailing back and bound for the Champions Tour, convinced LaCava to go to work for Johnson in 2011. Four months later, Woods came calling.

Since joining the world No. 1, the two have combined to win eight Tour titles and established a relationship that goes well beyond the normal player-caddie confines, much like he had with Couples.

There are no caddies in the World Golf Hall of Fame, but if there were, LaCava would be lock. Similarly, he would be a Hall of Fame interview.