Report cards: European Ryder Cup team



Rory McIlroy (3-2-0)

Grade B+

Skinny: The vibe with the galleries was awesome and he played incredible in stretches. Had chances to top Patrick Reed in singles but missed a few key putts.

Danny Willett (0-3-0)

Grade F

Skinny: His brother didn’t help make him comfortable early in the week. When the man describes his week a pure “sh--” well, then, the grading is easy.

Henrik Stenson (2-3-0)

Grade C

Skinny: Similar to Justin Rose. Handled Jordan Spieth in singles fairly easily and played all five matches, but more than two points was expected out of him.

Chris Wood (1-1-0)

Grade B-

Skinny: Didn’t get much of a chance to show his skills playing only two matches. Won with Rose, lost singles to Dustin Johnson, although the match went to 18.

Sergio Garcia (1-2-2)

Grade B

Skinny: Seems like his record was better than this. Played in all five sessions, was mentor to Rafa Cabrera Bello and singles performance was beyond amazing.

Grade A

Skinny: The only European to go undefeated. Paired brilliantly with Sergio twice and was one of only four to win his singles match outright. Stellar week.

Justin Rose (2-3-0)

Grade C

Skinny: Credit to him for playing all five matches but he had no energy in singles against Rickie Fowler. Paired well with Stenson but his play was spotty at times.

Andy Sullivan (0-2-0)

Grade D

Skinny: Record speaks for itself. Lost early foursomes match with McIlroy and sat on the bench all day Saturday. Needs more seasoning.

Grade D

Skinny: Hard to give failing grade to a rookie who was in over his head but he was not ready for this stage. Played terribly in singles against an ailing Zach Johnson.

Lee Westwood (0-3-0)

Grade F

Skinny: His 10th straight Ryder Cup appearance and his least memorable. Missed key putts to lose Saturday fourball and drastically hampered his team.

Martin Kaymer (1-3-0)

Grade D+

Skinny: Shouldn’t have played four matches and never had anything close to good form. Saddled Sergio once, won singles match that didn’t matter.

Thomas Pieters (4-1-0)

Grade A

Skinny: Simply brilliant for the captain’s pick who many believed would be overwhelmed. Gave McIlroy energy and will be around for a long, long time.

Grade B

Skinny: Losing captains always get a C. Not this time. He simply didn’t have a team good enough to win, and picks Kaymer and Westwood were duds.