Report cards: European Solheim Cup team


Carlota Ciganda (1-3-0)

Carlota Ciganda
Grade D

Skinny: More was expected. She was benched Saturday morning by Sorenstam, who frankly called her out for not performing. She waxed Lincicome in singles but it was too late.

Georgia Hall (2-3-0)

Georgia Hall
Grade B

Skinny: The only player to play in all five sessions, she made a name for herself with American fans. Not only did Annika Sorenstam rave about her, but Juli Inkster did, too.

Charley Hull (1-1-1)

Charley Hull
Grade B

Skinny: She played 36 holes on Friday, then sat all Saturday because of a nagging wrist injury. She delivered a full point on Sunday to salvage a good showing despite not being healthy.

Karine Icher (2-1-1)

Karine Icher
Grade B+

Skinny: She did her part in teaming with Matthew twice to take down strong American duos both times. She's always quiet and unassuming, and she always does the job that’s asked of her.

Caroline Masson (1-3-0)

Caroline Masson
Grade C

Skinny: She couldn’t overcome the sluggish play of her disappointing partners. She was solid, but she wasn’t able to carry her matches by herself. She smoked Wie in singles to earn her only point.

Catriona Matthew (3-1-0)

Cationa Mathew
Grade A

Skinny: She came to Iowa thinking she would be a vice captain. Then, after replacing Pettersen, she won three of four matches to improve her career Solheim Cup points record to 22. She's likely the next Euro captain.

Anna Nordqvist (3-0-1)

Anna Nordqvist
Grade A+

Skinny: Tough and brilliant. She played consecutive matches Saturday despite mononucleosis, then lead Europe in the first singles match, and claimed a half-point in thrilling match with Thompson. Her dart into the 18th green was tremendous under pressure.

Florentyna Parker (0-2-0)

Florentyna Parker
Grade D

Skinny: Inexperienced and overmatched. She sat all day on Saturday. She was put in a difficult spot, as she likely suffered more than anyone from the LET’s woes, because she had such limited preparation.

Emily Pedersen (0-3-0)

Emily Pedersen
Grade D

Skinny: The rookie captain’s pick told Sorenstam that she wanted to prove she had what it takes to compete after her first loss. But then she was beat handily in her last two matches.

Melissa Reid (0-3-1)

Melissa Reid
Grade C-

Skinny: She was strong helping Hull halve Kerr and Thompson, but was then saddled with struggling partners in her next two matches. No shame in losing to Kerr in singles.

Madelene Sagstrom (1-2-0)

Madelene Sagstrom
Grade C

Skinny: The rookie captain’s pick seemed overmatched in both fourball matches but showed promise and grit in a singles victory against her former LSU teammate Ernst.

Jodi Ewart Shadoff (1-3-0)

Jodi Ewart Shadoff
Grade C+

Skinny: Her record is not necessarily indicative of how she played. She was twice steamrolled by hot American duos and was 5 under in her singles match but still lost.

Annika Sorenstam, Captain

Annika Sorenstam
Grade B-

Skinny: She was dealt a tough hand but did the best she could. Difficult to overcome all obstacles, although it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Three of four captain’s picks went a combined 2-8.