Scots vote 'No' on independence


Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. (Getty)

In a much closer vote than authorities originally anticipated, Scottish voters derailed a referendum that would have ended the country’s 307-year union with the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

The independence movement, which trailed the union camp by nearly 20 points just a few months ago, lost the vote by 7 1/2 points (53.8 percent to 46.2 percent) with over 80 percent turnout by the Scottish electorate.

While officials with the Scotland-based Royal & Ancient had stated that the independence vote would not impact the Open Championship, which has historically been played in England and Scotland, an independent Scotland may have had an impact on golf tourism in the country that is considered the Home of Golf.

Scotland currently uses the English pound as its currency, but an independent Scotland could have forced officials to use the euro, which is currently valued slightly less than the dollar (.778 to $1) while the pound has slipped to .612 to the dollar.