Scott knows he has a tough act to follow in 2014


KAPALUA, Hawaii – Coming off a year during which he won the Masters and three other tournaments worldwide, Adam Scott knows he’s got a tough act to follow this year. And he knows what he needs to do to make this another successful campaign.

“Just winning tournaments, I guess,” he said in advance of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. “I think for me, that's kind of what I've always tried to do and I've always played and judged my success on winning tournaments. Of course, there's more to it than that, but to simplify everything, just to win some tournaments would be good. Last year it was great to win twice on the PGA Tour. It's not easy, there are only maybe five guys to won twice or more, so it's getting harder and harder.

“I think winning is a good measure of success and if you can do it more than once, then I think you're probably working on all the right things and heading in a good direction.”

He’d be heading in an even better direction with a second major, of course.

“We'll see. The first one didn't come so easy. It took a while. I'd like the second one to come quicker, but we'll see. Of course, I put a big emphasis on the majors and the world golf events, and The Players, all the big tournaments, but the majors is what we are out here for now, and now I've got a taste of it, I certainly want to try and get another one.”