Sprague: Captain won't be named until 'first half' of '15


PGA of America president Derek Sprague with Jim Furyk. (Getty Images)

Those itching to find out who will lead the 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup team might have to wait several more months. 

New PGA of America president Derek Sprague said Monday on “Morning Drive” that the association won’t name the next captain until the “first half” of 2015, after the task force has met on multiple occasions.

As for that task force, Sprague, a co-chair with CEO Pete Bevacqua, said that he hasn’t yet been able to speak to every member of the 11-man squad. “As you can imagine,” he said, “getting that group together has been a challenge.”

Sprague didn’t say when the group would first meet. His role on the task force is to “get everyone’s viewpoints on the table, uncover every stone that we can about the process … and build a good winning process for years to come.” 

“We don’t want to focus just on winning in 2016, although that’s important,” he said. “We’re looking to build a process that gives us several years of winning teams here for the United States.” 

When asked whether the PGA would be able to name the next captain in the spring, Sprague replied, “I don’t want to put a date on it; I’d say sometime in the first half of ’15.

“I think it’s going to be important to select the captain so they can start to check out the players and the system and look at the process, and that person will want to make some tweaks as well probably.”