Stenson took risk-taking to whole new level in Rio


RIO DE JANEIRO – Henrik Stenson is known to take risks on the golf course, he’ll challenge dangerous hole locations, take on the most daunting hazards and he even hit a shot from a hazard in his underwear at Doral.

But the Swede took risk-taking to a new level on Saturday at the Olympic Golf Course.

Even par for the day and two strokes out of the lead, Stenson was walking up the 10th fairway when he wandered to the edge of a pond to look at a caiman, an alligator-like creature which are common sights in Rio. What’s not as common was his decision to poke the caiman with the end of his golf club.

“A little tickle with a lob wedge. I thought it could handle that, if it would have been twice the size, then you probably need to go into the longer irons,” he smiled. “He wasn’t too big. He was facing the right way for me.”

The encounter must have given Stenson a boost. He birdied the 10th hole and finished the day with a 3-under 68 to move into second place, a stroke behind leader Justin Rose.