Stock Watch: BillyHo rising; Phil's WD falling


Each week on, we’ll examine which players’ stocks and trends are rising and falling in the world of golf.


BillyHo (+9%): From his pure ball-striking to his red-hot putter to his fiery spirit, Horschel is looking like the Americans’ best hope at the Ryd … oh, never mind.

Finales (+5%): After this weekend, at least the 2013-14 season will finally be over. Which gives us plenty of time to get fired up for the next wraparound campaign – 30 days from today.

Morgan Hoffmann (+4%): The talent was always there. But now that the former Oklahoma State star has ditched his conservative style in favor of the go-for-broke, birdie-making machine, the 2014-15 season can’t get here soon enough.

Math (+3%): In players’ bags this week are gloves, balls, tees, coins and calculators. The Tour Championship is an event only algebra students (and Steve Sands) could love.

Keegan (+2%): By pulling out of the BMW because of uncertainty over a ruling, he not only protected the field in Denver – he also protected the guys vying for one of the critical spots in the Tour Championship, which comes with three 2015 major exemptions. Respect.

DJ (+1%): Reason to charge into your boss’ office and demand a raise: Johnson, on a voluntary leave of absence to deal with personal issues, just collected $175,000 (!) in FedEx Cup bonus money.


J-Day (-2%): Plagued all season by a thumb injury, he was forced to WD at Cherry Hills because of a back issue. Bummer, because he seemed poised for a monster season. Eventually, he’ll have to tone down that violent swipe at the ball.

Olympic course (-4%): Environmentalists threaten to create even more headaches for the beleaguered host site. After all of these course-related issues, surely the 2016 Games will go off without a hitch, right? … right?

Phil (-5%): His worst season as a pro came to a fitting end – with a WD during the middle of the night. His frustration with the four-in-a-row schedule is understandable, but this was a bush-league move from a guy who understands the value of p.r.

Tom Watson (-6%): What do the Nos. 1 and 2-ranked players in the FedEx Cup have in common? That’s right – neither is on the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

FedEx Cup (-8%): No symmetry or theme, no buzz or superstar winners, and the players are fatigued and grumpy. Barring a dramatic finale, these playoffs have been a dud.