Tiger: This 62 better than previous 62


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Tiger Woods posted a 10-under 62 at Sherwood Country Club on Thursday, tying the course record previously set by – who else? – Tiger Woods.

But in his mind, this 62 was a lot more impressive than the one he shot in the second round of this tournament six years ago, solely because of the degree of difficulty.

“I don't think I've seen [the greens] quite this fast unless we get Santa Anas (winds) blowing when it's dry,” he explained. “There are some really tricky pins out there. I think the Tour staff, I mean, this is the last tournament of the year for a lot of us. I'd think they'd make it a little bit easier on us. But they gave it to us pretty good the last couple days. You miss the ball in the wrong spots, you're making bogeys. You just can't get the ball close.

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“You just have to make sure your misses are in the correct spots. For a perfect example, 13, [playing competitor] Graeme [McDowell] hits it in there, he's right below the hole with an almost impossible bunker shot. He can't get it close, and I knew I had to throw it to the right and make sure I missed it to the right, and I did, and I had all the green in the world to work with. That's what you have to do around this golf course.”

With heavy rain in the forecast for Saturday and strong winds throughout the weekend, Woods doesn’t think conditions are going to get any easier.

“If the weatherman actually does get it right, we are going to have one hell of a test.”