Tiger has made $7,889.91 per day since birth


Tiger Woods has made a whole lot of money in his career.

That may be the most obvious lede ever written on this website, but there's some context to go with it.

On Woods' 38th birthday, he stands atop the PGA Tour all-time money list with $109,504,139 – over $36 million more than second place Phil Mickelson.

Break it down for his entire life – only those earnings, not counting the myriad of lucrative endorsement deals he's had during the past 17 years – and you'll find Woods has made an average of $7,889.91 per day since the day he was born.

It's not slowing down, either.

A recent annual survey by Forbes showed Woods as the leading earner in sports, making $78 million during the 2013 calendar year.