Tiger learning to 'curb workout regimen'


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Over the years, whether correctly or not, Tiger Woods has earned a reputation as the game’s hardest worker off the course, training for tournament competition like athletes in more physical pursuits.

In fact, he’s largely been credited with the fitness boom in golf, his success spurring fellow players to train in similar fashion.

But that doesn’t mean he’s still going after it in the gym as much as he did in his younger days.

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“I've certainly tried to curb my workout regime over the years,” he said Wednesday. “I don't run the mileage like I used to. I don't lift the way I used to. Things evolve. I'm not 22. I'm about ready to turn 38, so things are different and you have to make those adjustments. You know, that is just a reality.”

Woods, who has missed action during each of the last three years due to injury, understands how fitness can play a part in both limiting these injuries and adding to them.

“That's just a reality of playing sports. Any athlete who plays any sports is going to get injured. And the longer you play it, the more likelihood you're going to get injured. That's where obviously training and nutrition and workout of your sport helps.”