Tour avoids damaged areas with Round 1 pin locations


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Predictably, PGA Tour officials avoided the spots on TPC Sawgrass’ greens that were suffering from less-than-championship-ready conditions when they released Thursday’s hole locations.

Specifically, the pins at Nos. 4 and 11 avoided areas that had to be re-sodded after the greens were damaged by a combination of a cold and wet winter, a high volume of play and the misapplication of a product that was supposed to aid the grass through a difficult growing season.

The hole at No. 4 is 16 paces on and four paces from the left edge of the green, clear of the damaged area in the front of the putting surface; while the pin at No. 11 was 19 paces on and three paces from the right edge, away from the back portion which most damaged.

Nos. 4, 11 and 12 were closed to practice on Monday and Tuesday and players were asked to “limit your practice” on those greens on Wednesday.

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