Train protest planned during U.S. Open


Puget Sound will serve as the backdrop for next month's U.S. Open, but it could also be the site of a protest planned against the trains that run alongside Chambers Bay.

The railway that lines the course services an average of 60 trains per day, carrying a variety of cargo items including oil. According to a MyNorthwest report, a group called the People's Climate Action Fleet plans to protest what they term "bomb trains" during the final round of the tournament on June 21.

According to the report, their plan is to use "kayaks and other watercraft" to demonstrate in the waters adjacent to the course. That mission will likely be complicated, though, by the Pierce County (Wash.) Sheriff's Department enforcing a 1,000-yard safety zone around the course.

Trains will reportedly continue to run during the tournament, with additional security near the tracks including police on foot patrol.