Tringale cards 66 in first round since PGA DQ


Cameron Tringale retroactively DQ'd himself from the PGA Championship. (Getty Images)

PARAMUS, N.J. – There might be some karma in play for Cameron Tringale this week.

Just a few days after retroactively disqualifying himself from the recent PGA Championship for potentially signing an incorrect scorecard, Tringale opened with a 5-under 66 at The Barclays.

“The more I played it out in my head, getting down the road of, you know, if I play well, if I make it to East Lake, would I have been there if I did take a 5,” he explained of his relief over making the decision. “So I just felt like it was better to get it out and take myself out than to just be questioning and doubting and wondering for the rest of my life.”

The issue in question in question occurred on the 11th hole in the final round at Valhalla. Attempting to make a 3-inch putt, his putter swung over the ball, leaving doubt as to whether it could have been intended as a stroke.

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“The issue had come up in the scoring trailer on Sunday,” he said Thursday. “I didn't feel like it was a stroke and my competitor agreed. We agreed on the score and that was fine. Although as the week went on, I think like Tuesday I started to kind of review my week, and that came up in my head, is there a doubt, if my playing competitor was doubting what that looked like.

“The more I thought about it, I didn't want the way I play this game or my integrity questioned. So I wrestled with it for Tuesday, spoke to some people, rules officials and stuff, just kind of walked through the events on that hole, and then eventually came to the decision that, you know, there's enough doubt that I want to take myself out. The process with the PGA was easy. I spoke to them. It took, you know, a few days by the time it hit the media. But the ball was rolling middle of the week.”