Watson enjoying Olympic events despite critics


RIO DE JANEIRO – Bubba Watson shot a second consecutive 67 Saturday at the Olympics, vaulted into contention and summed up his thoughts on the Olympic spirit quite nicely.

“When I’m at the Masters, I’m grinding,” he said. “I want to practice, I want to go back and get as much rest as I can, because of the grueling test.

“Now, should I be that way here? Some people will say yes. But I want to enjoy it. I want to go see the other sports. I want to cheer on the other athletes. These are athletes that have dedicated their lives for this one event.

“When you see these people winning gold medals and their dedication, their drive and their focus, I mean, it’s impressive.”

Watson will worry about his position when the final nine holes arrive on Sunday. Right now, he’s six shots behind Justin Rose but is tied for fourth place. Until then he’ll just try to play as well as he can and won’t even look at a leaderboard. Only because he doesn’t have time.

“As soon as I leave here, we get back to the hotel, the village,” he said. “I get back there, take a shower, go down to that floor and see who is hanging out and I get something to eat and I go straight to an event.

“I’m out here enjoying it, being so blessed that we get to play in the Olympics.”

Watson’s wife, Angie, barely missed out on a chance to make the Olympics in basketball, so he’s always intended to make the most of this week, even though Angie and their two children did not make the trip.

“So for our family, it’s a special deal,” he said.