Watson says Bubba a 'target,' backtracks on 'target'


GLENEAGLES, Scotland – United States captain Tom Watson insists that if there’s a European player with a target on his back, it’s Ryder Cup stalwart Ian Poulter. He also believes that if one of his players is being similarly targeted, it might be two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson.

All of which leads to a question: In a competition that features matchups produced randomly, how can one player be targeted over his 11 teammates?

“I don’t know,” said European captain Paul McGinley. “You can ask Tom that question, to be quite honest. I don’t know what he means by that. I think he means the guy who ends up playing against them, the extra onus is on them to try and beat them.”

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For his part, Watson said his reference to Bubba was because he “pulled a name out of a hat,” then went on to explain that every player is a target, so to speak.

“We would like to beat every player,” he said. “Every player, when they’re paired up, they will be targeting the players they’re playing, not looking at somebody else.”