Why the PGA will be the best major of 2015


The PGA Championship will be the best major in 2015, because it will provide the best finish.

That’s the tournament’s only fighting chance in this contest.

The PGA can’t match the anticipation or allure of Augusta. It can’t compete against the pride tour pros and fans take in the two Opens. It’s never going to be the consensus favorite among the season’s four biggest events.

But it can produce the best tournament.

It happened last year and it could happen again.

The Masters doesn’t always live up to its hype. The U.S. Open often makes you wish you’d spent Father’s Day playing with your kids. And sometimes you don’t’ realize the British Open is on until it’s in a re-air.

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This year’s PGA is being contested at Whistling Straits, site of the controversial finish in 2010. It’s not Augusta National or the Old Course at St. Andrews, and it doesn’t possess the intrigue of an unknown Chambers Bay, but it’s the best course - at least visually - in the PGA lineup.

Ultimately, you take what you get with the PGA Championship. And, often times, what you get is a memorable finish. For all of the pomp and circumstance, that is what golf fans hold in high favor.

In the battle of Best Major of 2015, the first three hold the biggest weapons. The Masters has … just about everything. The U.S. Open has a new venue and prime-time TV. The British Open has St. Andrews. But all that means little if, in the end, Bubba Watson bashes to a third green jacket, bogeys and Joe Tour Pro prevail at the U.S. Open, and Louis Oosthuizen is resurrected at the Old Course.

Then, just like last year, you’ll be begging for some major drama at the PGA Championship. And, just like last year, it will likely deliver.