Wie navigates Golf Channel 'car wash'


Michelle Wie once bribed David Leadbetter for a lesson baking a coconut cookie cake for him.

She loves dressing up in costumes for themed parties.

She draws, paints, cooks and sews as an outlet when the game’s pressures build on her.

She loves ribs – could eat ribs every day – and she thinks she could eat more ribs than Charlie Rymer in a contest, but she’s comfortable devouring live, wriggling squid, too.

These are just some of the things we learned about Michelle Wie in her morning visit Thursday to Golf Channel studios, where she endured three clothing changes on her way to almost single-handedly filling the day’s programming schedule doing interviews and features for “Morning Drive,” “Golf Central” and GolfChannel.com. From shoes to golf shots, Wie safely navigated what we like to call the “car wash,” a lineup of interviews on various Golf Channel studio platforms.

In a yellow skirt, white blouse and high heels that had her towering over everyone in the studio other than Phil Blackmar (6 feet 7) and Charlie Rymer (6 feet 4), Wie entered the “Morning Drive” set to talk about everything from her unorthodox putting style to her dog Lola.

Video: Wie discusses 2014 goals, putting and social life in multiple interviews

She told Gary Williams she loves the LPGA’s new Race to the CME Globe idea so much that she’s going to play the season opener at the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic in two weeks. It wasn't originally on her schedule. She sees herself playing more events this year in a bid to win the $1 million season-ending jackpot.

Wie told Todd Lewis that a friend helped coax out her art skills with the gift of a sketch pad when she was younger. That evolved into painting, with a number of her works filling her home in Jupiter, Fla. A few of her paintings were shown during the interview. You can click here to see some of her work.

“When you are out on tour, you feel a lot of pressure; sometimes you get down, sometimes you get emotional,” Wie said. “It was a really good outlet for me, to just get everything out. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.”

After a clothing change into golf attire, Wie stepped on to Golf Channel’s simulator set, where she explained how tempo is a key to her swing, and how she has worked on slowing her hip rotation, creating a better connection between her upper and lower body.

By the way, Wie rinsed her first shot into the water when she took the Golf Channel closest-to-the-pin contest at the simulated 17th island hole at TPC Sawgrass. She put away her 8-iron and hit the green with a 9-iron with her second shot, barely holding the back of the green. She also rinsed a third shot.

"That was long?" Wie said.

After another clothing change into a black-and-white dress, Wie told Lisa Cornwell in a sitdown on the “Golf Central” set that her “table-top” putting stance has evolved into what Leadbetter now teases her is a “draw-bridge” stance.

“I used to be bent over at 90 degrees, now I’ve risen up to about 75 degrees,” Wie cracked.

She told Rex Hoggard in a GolfChannel.com video sitdown that she is looking to play “boring” golf this year.

“I’m kind of in the native grass a lot,” Wie said. “So, I’m looking to dial it down and be boring.”

When Hoggard asked who owns more shoes, Wie or Paula Creamer, Wie didn’t hesitate, offering up that Paula owns more "by far," but that nobody on tour owns a larger collection of tennis shoes than Wie does.