Costly miss caps week of putting woes for Woods


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Tiger Woods’ week began with a missed three-foot par putt on his opening hole Thursday morning. It ended with a missed five-foot par putt on the first playoff hole Sunday afternoon.

Other than during Friday’s second-round 10-under 62, Woods appeared uncertain from short range on the greens, missing more during the week than he usually does in a month of PGA Tour starts.

“I was struggling blocking putts, and today was a perfect example of that,” he explained. “I blocked a lot of putts today and just had a tough time finding my release point, and I just could not find my release point, no matter what I tried to do to adjust and just wasn't there.

“So the last hole, you know, being left‑to‑right and just didn't want to block that one, and I didn't. I over‑released it.”

Woods maintained that standing over the final putt to extend the playoff, he was still trying to compensate for a balky stroke that had eluded him throughout much of the week.

“You're making adjustments all day. It's part of the game, whether it's swing or putting stroke or chipping. Whatever it is, whatever facet of the game. The game is fluid. You're always making adjustments and trying to find something that clicks, and if it does click, you run with it, and you try and monitor it, like I did on Friday. I think I did a pretty good job of that on Friday, and I had it going that day.”