Woods, Day like to 'needle,' give each other 'crap'


When he wasn't fielding questions about his health (or hitting three balls in the water) Monday morning, Tiger Woods was being asked about the No. 1 player in the world and the new Players champion: Jason Day.

Day spoke at length after wins at both Bay Hill and TPC Sawgrass about the role Tiger has taken in his life as both a friend and a mentor. Appearing at Quicken Loans National media day, Woods further detailed their relationship:

"JD and I talk quite a bit, either via text or telephone call," he said. "Some of it’s advice. Most of it is just giving each other crap. We love to needle each other a lot. That's the fun part about our relationship. 

"But, then again, it can switch roles, too, and he'll ask me a bunch of questions about how his game can get better."

Woods said he won't give Day set advice on how the 28-year-old should necessarily chart his career, but will instead relay how he was able to stay atop the the world rankings and dominate golf for so long.

Woods said he would field advice from veterans when he was at a more nascent point in his career, but that he would "make it [his] own ... and that's what Jason is doing," Woods said. "Jason asks great questions, very in-depth questions. He wants to get better."

Woods is also offering Day advice on how his attention will shift as Day's two young children, Dash and Lucy, get older.

"He has a great family, with his two kids there," Woods said. "He's trying to figure out how he can get better as a player, especially with having a family and traveling. ... It gets harder, when you have kids. It gets a little more complicated, and it gets harder. They don't want you to leave. he hasn't quite gotten to that point but it's coming very soon."

Still, Woods isn't at all concerned about how Day will handle himself, believing there's plenty more success in store.

As for Day, he's loving his No. 1 spot and trying to increase his lead in the rankings, just in case a certain someone decides to challenge him.

“Tiger says he's going to kick my butt when he comes back, so I'm going to try and extend that gap, so if he does come back and he has turned into Tiger Woods again ... I've got to kind of watch my behind,” Day said Sunday after The Players. “Yeah, that's the main goal and main reason why I'm trying to extend that lead, so that I stay on top.”