Woods, Vonn helping each other through injuries


Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have both experienced injury setbacks in 2014, but the couple appears to draw strength from each other as they work through the rehabilitation process.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Vonn indicated that she and Woods have built a new rapport in recent weeks, as she mends from an ACL injury that kept her out of the Sochi Olympics and he recovers from back surgery that has kept him off the course since March.

"Rehab is not a fun thing to do ... but if you're going through rehab, it's nice to have a partner to do this with," Vonn said. "Someone who relates to your situation and that you can talk to, rehab and train together."

In his most recent blog post, Woods noted that having a partner in the recuperation process has been beneficial.

"It does help to rehab with Lindsey, but her programs are much further along than mine," he wrote. "That does help when you're not the only one suffering."

While Woods hasn't set a timetable for his return to the PGA Tour (though, sources have indicated the British Open as a target), Vonn hopes to be back on the ski slopes this fall and echoed the sentiments of her top-ranked boyfriend.

"He knows I'm in pain and I know he's in pain. We understand each other," she said. "It's different when you're both experiencing it at the same time, even though they're two completely different injuries."