Jones arrives at Augusta after whirlwind 24 hours


AUGUSTA, Ga. – In a 24-hour span, Matt Jones came from behind to win his first-career PGA Tour title in Houston, qualified for his first Masters and arrived at Augusta National to start preparing for the week.

“It's been a whirlwind,” he said with a smile. “Finished, chipped in, which I can remember actually, which is a good thing to remember. But then I had to go do all the media and all the family and friends and talking to them. It's just been amazing trying to get in touch with everyone, and get back to everyone from all the texts and phone calls I've had and emails, and now organizing family and friends coming to town. It's going to be a great experience for the first time here.”

Jones maintained that the rain, which wiped away most of Monday’s practice round, actually didn’t affect him too much.

“I was trying to treat it like another golf tournament with my normal schedule. Monday is normally a day off for me, so I was just having a day off. I'm going to get out there and play 18 or nine holes tomorrow, see how I feel. I'm pretty tired. Didn't get a lot of sleep, and I think I still have a bit of adrenaline going.”