Thompson family: Lexi's putting underrated


RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. – Because she is the baby sister in the family, Lexi Thompson’s father and brothers are quick to protect her.

The idea that she hasn’t been a good putter - don’t float that around her papa, Scott. In fact, don’t float it around her brother, Nicholas, either.

“That’s frustrating to me,” Scott said. “I think she’s a pretty good putter.”

Scott said Lexi’s putting gets a bad rap because she hits so many more greens in regulation than other players that she is naturally going to miss more putts.

“Look it up, people don’t make a lot of 15- and 20-foot putts,” Scott said.

Nicholas, who tied for 24th Sunday at the Shell Houston Open, likes his sister’s stroke, too.

“When you hit it as well as she does, the putting stats never look as good as somebody who misses a lot of greens and chips up to 3 feet,” Nicholas said.

Lexi has spoken about how she changed her putting stroke last fall. She moved the ball away from her, outside her eye line, and is putting more like she did as a junior. She says she’s likes the new setup.

Lexi was 55th in putts per greens in regulation last year. She’s 14th this year.