Annika Delivers Lettermans Top Ten


Annika Makes a Funny

Annika Sorenstam, just one day removed from announcing that she was 'stepping away' from golf at the end of the year, appeared on 'Late Show with David Letterman' Wednesday to give his nightly Top Ten.
10. 'Tired of Tiger Woods stealing my putter'
9. 'Became less interested in aiming at green and more interested in aiming at spectators'
8. 'I knew I needed a break when my golf bag began talking to me'
7. 'I'm leaving to play Countess Scarlett Worthington on 'All My Children''
6. 'When I'm in a stressful tournament, I eat golf tees like they're peanuts'
5. 'Honestly, this long presidential campaign has sucked the life out of me'
4. 'Who can focus on golf when Lauren and Audrina are fighting on 'The Hills'?'
3. 'I want to spend more time with Brett Favre's family'
2. 'I just want a job where I can sit in a cubicle instead of being stuck on a golf course all day'
1. 'The only putts I have to worry about now is my fiance'
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