Annika The Legacy


Annika Sorenstam
Annika Sorenstam could only imagine winning once on the LPGA. But as her career winds down she can count 72 LPGA trophies, and another 17 around the world. She can also boast 10 major championship, countless records, and, as Jay Coffin writes, a dominance that can't be matched.


Annika Sorenstam
Through all her amazing records, major championships and personal achievements, Annika will perhaps be best remembered for the week she decided to play against the men on the PGA Tour, at the 2003 Bank of America Colonial. Brian Hewitt looks back on that week and how it resonates today.


Annika Sorenstam
Sorenstam isn't retiring after this week's ADT Championship. Instead she says that she is 'stepping away.' As Mercer Baggs writes, what she is stepping into is a busy business life and a promise of rest and family on the personal side.

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