The Augusta National Debate A Chronology


As the golf world heads down the stretch towards the season's first major, the Augusta National Membership debate rolls on. Here is a look back at how the story has developed, from Martha Burk's original letter to Augusta National and Chairman Hootie Johnson's response to the latest news.
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4/16/2003: Johnson Tells Paper No Female Member Ever
4/14/2003: Burk Ready for Next Phase
4/12/2003: Sideshow Breaks Out
4/12/2003: Protest Draws Small Crowd
4/12/2003: Burk Finally Gets a Chance to be Heard at Masters
4/11/2003: Women Masters Fans Side with Hootie
4/10/2003: Burk Call for CEO Resignations
4/10/2003: Burk Eyes Protest Loophole After Defeat
4/9/2003: Appeals Court Rejects Burk's Request
4/9/2003: Burk Appealing Court Decision
4/9/2003: Last Stop on the Protest Line
4/8/2003: Burk Appealing Ruling
4/8/2003: Judge Upholds Augusta Protest Law
4/4/2003: Hootie and Martha Alot Alike?
4/2/2003: Federal Judge Asked to Overrule Protest Prohibition
4/2/2003: President Carter Weighs In
4/1/2003: Burk Says War Comments Were Misunderstood
3/27/2003: Augusta: Shame on Martha Burk
3/26/2003: Burk to Argue Masters Insults Women Soldiers
3/23/2003: Johnson Chastises Georgia Governor
3/19/2003: Rainbow/PUSH to Reduce Masters Protest March
3/19/2003: Burk Says War Would Change Scope Protest
3/18/2003: Burk Wants Masters to Cancel if War Rages
3/13/2003: ACLU Files Suit Against City of Augusta on Burk's Behalf
3/12/2003: Burk's Protest Request Denied; Lawsuit Planned
3/12/2003: Nicklaus Finds Himself with Full Schedule
3/12/2003: Burk Threatens to Sue City of Augusta
3/10/2003: The Masters -- One Month and Counting
3/10/2003: The Road to the Lane's a Bit Bumpy
3/8/2003: Masters Protest Decision Coming Next Week
3/7/2003: The Augusta National Debate: A Chronology
3/7/2003: Burk Asks To Protest at Masters Front Gate
3/7/2003: Augusta Sheriff Open to Front-Gate Protest
3/3/2003: Controvery Sparks New Business: Anti-Burk T-Shirts
3/3/2003: This Year's Masters Set for Spectacle
2/28/2003: KKK Wants to Protest at Augusta National
2/27/2003: Burk Concerned About Jesse Jackson
2/26/2003: Rainbow/PUSH Requests Demonstration Application for Masters
2/25/2003: Burk Now Says Illegal Protests Possible
2/22/2003: Anti-Martha Burk Protests Planned
2/21/2003: Burk Says Protests Will be Lawful
2/20/2003: Burk Calls Ordinance 'Intimidation Tactic'
2/19/2003: Protest Ordinance Finally Passed
1/14/2003: ACLU to Decide Stance on Augusta
12/9/2002: Treasury Nominee Snow Quits Augusta
11/20/2002: O'Meara,Couples Defend Tiger
11/13/2002: Poll Finds Public Backs Augusta
11/12/2002: Hootie Johnson Defends Augusta's Policy
10/29/2002: Finchem Pressured to Address Augusta
9/5/2002: Augusta National Debate Extends to Players
8/30/2002: Masters Goes Commercial Free
7/9/2002: Statement by Hooti Johnson
7/9/2002: Women's Group Challenges Augusta National
Full Coverage of the Masters Tournament