Background of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament


Augusta National was established in 1932 by legendary golfer Bobby Jones as a place where kindred spirits could meet and enjoy the game they love, in privacy. The original members were essentially personal golfing friends of Bobby Jones and the other founders of the Club. The Club functioned in this capacity when it was decided in 1934 to have an invitational golf tournament with specifically invited professionals of the day. This invitational tournament, in what was at the time a small Georgia community, became the Masters.
Except during the Masters, Augusta National has not changed from what was envisioned by its original founders - a small, private club for the enjoyment of golf. The Masters, however, has changed. The Masters is one of the four major golf tournaments in the world and traditions surrounding the Masters have become part of the traditions of golf. Augusta National has an obligation to the game of golf. We accept this responsibility and will continue to fulfill it to the best of our ability.
Augusta National, which has less than 300 worldwide members, has no membership restrictions based on race, color, religion, gender or national origin. Our society is changing, and it is only natural that our Club should reflect these changes in contemporary society. We are finding more and more, our existing members' suggestions for new members have broadened to include a varied cross section of this society. We expect this trend to continue.
Augusta National has no timetable for change, as any such timetable would be artificial and unrealistic. We can say, however, that our membership procedures will be administered in accordance with the principles above. We will continue to respect the privacy and the enjoyment of golf for our membership, and we will continue to preserve and protect the traditions of the Masters Tournament, for the good of the game.