Best Equipment Advancement


Todd Hamilton

Best Equipment Advancement of the Decade - Voting Results
  • Titleist Pro V1 golf balls - 19%
  • Hybrid clubs - 59%
  • 460cc heads - 13%
  • Adjustable drivers - 6%
  • Launch monitors - 3%

Golf has changed a lot over the last 10 years. And nothing has been more beneficial to players than the hybrid golf club, which won your vote as Best Equipment Advancement of the Decade.

Hybrid clubs are a cross between a wood and an iron. Thanks to club manufactuers being able to lower the center of gravity in these clubs – more so than they could do in a regular iron – hybrids allow players to launch the ball higher in the air.

For players unable to hit higher irons accurately, mainly 1-4, the hybrid has given them the ability to strike a ball with the feel of an iron and the distance of a metal wood. It's also proved to be a trusty club to use around the green, as evidenced by Todd Hamilton's hybrid chip [above] en route to winning the 2004 Open Championship.

The hybrid has been benefical to both amateurs and professionals. A Darrell Survey in 2007 reported that at least 30 percent of consumer golfers were using at least one hybrid. They also found that 65 percent of PGA Tour players and 80 percent of Champions Tour players had at least one hybrid club in their bag.

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