Best Fashion Statement of the Decade


Paula Creamer

Best Fashion Statement of the Decade - Voting Results
  • John Daly - Loud Mouth pants - 14%
  • Paula Creamer - Shiny, big belt buckles and pink attire - 40%
  • Ian Poulter - Spiked hair and flamboyant pants - 33%
  • Boo Weekley - Camouflage outfits - 8%
  • Woody Austin - Tabasco shirts - 5%

Paula Creamer seemingly has it all - the good looks, the pretty smile, a world-class golf game and, of course, the cool nickname - The Pink Panther.

But she doesn't stop there, as Creamer goes one further and makes herself stand out even more with a well-thought out clothing ensemble.

And Creamer's pièce de résistance - a big belt buckle with plenty of bling bling.

Well, enough bling in your eyes to edge out Ian Poulter for best fashion statement of the decade at least.

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