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Tom Watson and Bruce Edwards

Best Inspirational Story of the Decade - Voting Results
  • Paul Azinger wins the 2000 Sony Open months after best friend Payne Stewart dies - 14%
  • Bruce Edwards caddies for Tom Watson in the 2003 U.S. Open despite dying from ALS- 64%
  • Erik Compton battles for PGA Tour card after undergoing second heart transplant - 8%
  • D.J. Gregory walks every hole, every week at 2008 PGA Tour events despite cerebral palsy - 14%

Tom Watson, 53 at the time, was leading the 2003 U.S. Open thanks to an opening 5-under 65. Sitting before the media, he uttered something you just don't hear leaders say.

'If I shoot 90 tomorrow, I don't care,' Watson said.

Watson's indifference to his performance was due to the fact that winning was the primary objective at Olympia Fields; being beside his best friend and raising awareness for the disease that was killing him was the motivation.

Watson's longtime caddie, Bruce Edwards, was back on the bag for that magical day outside of Chicago. Watson would shoot 72 Friday and never factor in the ultimate outcome. But playing alongside Edwards, who was dying from ALS, was all he really wanted.

Watson took time that Thursday to inform the media and everyone else listening about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. He tried to keep his emotion in check, something he found much more difficult to do walking the fairways with Edwards that week.

Edwards died of ALS April 8, 2004. The fight for a cure, however, lives on in the Bruce Edwards Foundation and ALS TDI Golf.

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