Brad Faxon Article Archive


Brad Faxon Article Archive:
11/17/00: Faxon and McCarron Strong In Miami
11/19/00: Faxon and McCarron Claim Title
1/18/01: Daly, Mize Tied With Faxon in Hawaii
1/19/01: Faxon Goes Low Again With Second Consecutive 64
1/20/01: Faxon Dominating in Hawaii
1/21/01: Faxon Pummels Field at Sony
1/23/01: Faxon jumps into top-50 in World Golf Rankings
2/20/01: Could Brad Faxon Win The Masters?
3/19/01: Faxon Tries His Hand at Course Design
8/8/01: Faxon and Andrade win Fred Meyer Challenge
10/2/01: Brad Faxon Article Archive