College combines set for the summer


Junior golfers are always looking for opportunities to have college coaches evaluate their golf game and potential for improvement. Three College Golf Combines were established to provide all juniors an equal opportunity to test every part of their game while being evaluated by coaches.

Because the Combine Skills Challenge results have now become the standard that coaches can use to compare recruits, recruits benefit from the coaches that are present at the combines.

The East Combines is June 28-30 in Ocean City, Md., the South Combine is July 6-8 in Horseshoe Bay, Texas and the West Combine is July 19-21 in Beaumont, Calif. Registration is open to all junior golfers from the 2010-2017 classes.

The combines offer more than a normal three-day junior tournament and are the only junior events in the country that college golf coaches will register in advance to attend. Registration at is open to all 2011-2017 recruits and 2010 recruits that have not signed a National Letter of Intent.