College Golf Combine All-Americans announced


Under Armour Golf CombineThe All-American teams for the Under Armour College Golf Combines were announced Thursday following a summer long series of six regionals with more than 400 participants and 75 college golf coaches in attendance.

At each combine recruits competed in the same skills challenges and played a tournament round that allowed college golf coaches to evaluate their talent.

“Combine is the one true measure of an athlete’s potential,” said Brian Griffin, senior director of performance training for Under Armour. “Under Armour is committed to combines in all sports for the purpose of making all athletes better through passion, science and the relentless pursuit of innovation.”

The selection of the All-American teams came from a player’s tournament round, as well as skills and driving results at the six regional combines. The 2010 combine schedule will be announced in November.



First Team

Xabier Basanez (2009), Costa Rica

Alexandre Belmont (2010), Concord, Mass.

Chris Blystone (2010), Santa Maria, Calif.

Andrew Feldman (2011), Allentown, Pa.

Gavin Green (2011), Malaysia

Carter Marsh (2010), Cadillac, Mich.

Mark Stovie (2009), Omaha, Neb.

Sam Sullivan (2010), Omaha, Neb

Cory Thelen (2010), Castle Rock, Colo.

Andrew Yakubik (2010), Gaithersburg, Md.


Second Team

David Brown (2010), Eustis, Fla.

Cole Childs (2010), Holliston, Mass.

Michael Coopman (2011), Park City, Utah

Anthony Estes (2011), San Pedro, Calif.

Blake Huser (2011), Altoona, Iowa

Kyle Isgar (2007), Katy, Texas

Casey Komline (2010), Dorset, Vt.

Jake Miller (2011), Bishopville, Md.

Jeff Moeser (2010), Santa Ana, Calif.

Thomas Wicker (2010), Minden, Nev.


Third Team

Beau Belczak (2010), Yorba Linda, Calif.

Tyler Engel (2011), Castle Rock, Colo.

Jimmy Harbaugh (2010), Westminster, Md.

Robert Lobban (2010), McLean, Va.

CJ Messana (2011), Plantation, Fla.

William Smittle (2010), Scarsdale, N.Y.

Brandon Molnar (2010), Calabasas, Calif.

William Sorrentino (2010), Medford, N.Y.

Patrick Stroh (2010), Valencia, Calif.

Shea Varty (2010), Canada


Honorable Mention

Alec Berens (2010), Tucson, Ariz.

Richard Charles (2007), Tamarac, Fla.

Chris Cunningham (2010), Milford, Mich.

John Dupre (2010), Fairfax, Va.

Christopher Hickman (2012), Centreville, Md.

Brady Ma (2010), Northridge, Calif.

Doug Murphy (2010), Gilbert, Ariz.

Austin Sarabia (2010), Houston

Jes Schneider (2009), Houston

David Thompson (2009), Guam



First Team

Liv Cheng (2010), New Zealand

Alexandra Jasper (2010), Clarksville, Tenn.

Katia Joo (2011), Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Jo Ee Kok (2011), Singapore

Alexandra Phillips (2010), Reno, Nev.

Marie Santacroce (2011), Mattituck, N.Y.

Samantha Smolen (2011), Lake Worth, Fla.


Second Team

Hannah Arnold (2010), Lufkin, Texas

Tayler Bull (2010), Golden, Colo.

Carly Ray Goldstein (2013), Coral Springs, Fla.

Deborah Lee (2010), Pebble Beach, Calif.

Heather Proctor (2011), Silver Springs, Fla.

Andie Savel (2010), Sudbury, Mass.

Morgan Thompson (2011), Tualatin, Ore.


Honorable Mention

Charlotte Brooks (2010), New Zealand

Carly Dear (2010), Red Oak, Texas

Stephanie Eybers (2010), Haymarket, Va.

Andrea Hibbert (2010), Golden, Colo.

Isabella Lambert (2011), Big Bend, Wis.

Kaylee Random (2010), Alpharetta, Ga.

Katherine Scott (2010), Cherry Hills Village, Colo.