Complete coverage of the 2010 Masters Tournament


Masters Tournament

April 11, 2010
Hoggard: Mickelson's Masters to Remember
Mickelson claims third green jacket
Tiger Tracks: Bailing on Tiger
Shag Bag: A tradition like no other
Shag Bag: Els licking his Masters' wounds
Tiger Tracks: Reactions to Tiger temper
Shag Bag: Pins and prognostications
Shag Bag: Early bird
Shag Bag: Barnes waiting for ‘one hot moment’
Shag Bag: It's all about the roars
Shag Bag: Lefty took his lumps in Masters' prep
Tiger Tracks: Regular red
Shag Bag: Only at the Masters
Tiger Tracks: Nine not divine for Woods
Tiger Tracks: Woods finally finds his smile on this tough Sunday
Shag Bag: Couples' rickety back isn't slowing him
Tiger Tracks: Woods has blistered back nine before
Tiger Tracks: Event start
Shag Bag: Choi standing up in Tiger's world
Shag Bag: A new Thrill
Shag Bag: Couples' dream sinks at 12th this time
Shag Bag: Watson expecting news on U.S. Open invite this week
Tiger Tracks: Woods closes week with wild round
Shag Bag: One final roar for Mickelson
Woods finishes Masters in 4th place in return to golf
Another close call at a major for Westwood
Kim's game shines brighter than his belt buckle
Photos of the Week
Shag Bag: The Thrill returns
Tiger Tracks: What’s next for Woods?

April 10, 2010
Shag Bag: Three consecutive eagles would have been a record
Tiger Tracks: Woods sums up his third round
Tiger Tracks: Woods doesn't remember cursing
Notes: Poulter 'not happy'; Hollywood at Augusta
Mell: Lefty's Magic Carpet Ride
Hoggard: Reasons to Roar
Old man Couples playing like a youngster
Tiger trails Westwood, Lefty at Augusta
Shag Bag: Twenty-seven unforgettable minutes
Shag Bag: ‘Delicate little beast’ bites Marino
Tiger Tracks: Divine nine
Manassero heading back to high school after Augusta
Tiger Tracks: Woods lets loose profanity
Tiger Tracks: Woods finally birdies first hole on a Saturday
Tiger Tracks: Fast start
Shag Bag: Mickelson's family lifts Lefty's spirits
Tiger Tracks: Practice makes . . .
Shag Bag: Price is right
Tiger Tracks: Tiger taking his sweet time
Shag Bag: Rebound king
Shag Bag: Augusta National on $5
Tiger Tracks: Tiger Watch
Shag Bag: Manassero turning pro next month
Tiger Tracks: Choi’s second chance
Tiger Tracks: Woods wins green jackets on Saturdays
Shag Bag: Transformed Choi

April 9, 2010
Cut Line: The Wrap on Woods
Mell: Woods-Mickelson sequel possible
Hoggard: English Two-Ball
Poulter leads, Woods two back
Couples backs up thanks to bad back
Notes: Barnes finds comfort zone in majors
Manassero, 16, youngest to make Masters cut
Well, well, well, look who's back near the top
Tiger Tracks: Par 5s key for Woods
Tiger Tracks: Cleared for landing
Shag Bag: Fashion sense
Shag Bag: Jaidee makes early exit
Shag Bag: Early course assessment from Watney
Shag Bag: Where are all the roars?
Tiger Tracks - Tiger and his pace in Masters' victories
Tiger Tracks - Woods isn't ruining their day
Woods' return draws record viewership
Tiger Tracks - Tiger literally reaches out to tiny patron
Tiger Tracks - Woods scrambles his way around front nine
Tiger Tracks - Wrong cup for Kuchar
Tiger Tracks - Woods' 68 could have been lower
Tiger Tracks - Woods’ wild ride
Shag Bag - Big Friday for Gay
Shag Bag - Augusta showing its teeth
Tiger Tracks - No putting contest
Tiger Tracks - Early start for Woods
Tiger Tracks - Chilly reception on Day 2

April 8, 2010
Mell: Even Watson can't believe it this time
Shag Bag: Gone fishing
Shag Bag: Nicklaus, Palmer get Masters started
Tiger Tracks: Palmer backs Payne's Tiger stance
Shag Bags: Winds blown
Shag Bag: All in the family
Shag Bag: Reading the wind
Tiger Tracks: Woods ignores taunting banner
Shag Bag: Watson's son wins prize in Amen Corner
Tiger Tracks: Early start for Tiger
Tiger Tracks: Tiger gets off to solid start
Shag Bag: Watson's son wins prize in Amen Corner
Tiger Tracks: Eventful start for Woods
Shag Bag: Phil’s change of fortunes
Tiger Tracks: A birdie and a smile
Couples leads Mickelson, Woods at Masters
Mell: Remarkable Return
Hoggard: Fairytale Beginning
Oldies but goodies in Round 1
Woods receives warm reception in return
Shag Bag: Storm no problem for Augusta

April 7, 2010
Shag Bag: Mickelson hopes kids make it for Par 3
Tiger Tracks: Woods makes final turn with O’Meara
Shag Bag: Cabrera's green jacket entrusted to more than a friend
Tiger Tracks: Just nine for Woods
Hawkins: Bets on the Masters
Shag Bag: Players noticing subtle changes to the course
Augusta chairman says Woods disappointed fans
Tiger Tracks: Augusta National chief chastises Woods
Tiger Tracks: Trading places
Shag Bag: Not like the old days
Shag Bag: Kaymer’s conundrum
Mell: First Impressions
Hoggard: Setting the Table
Shag Bag: Cabrera’s return
Success this season has Ernie Els at ease
Old-timers become thing of the past at Masters
Shag Bag: Tiger shows up, collects GWAA award
Lerner: Hooks and Cuts from Augusta
Notes: Beating Mother Nature; Par-3 Contest

April 6, 2010
Tiger Tracks: Who's Tiger Woods becoming?
Tiger Tracks: Softer side of Tiger
Shag Bag: Floyd retiring from Masters
Tiger Tracks: Loose ends . . .
Fantasy Island: Masters Tournament
Tiger Tracks: The other TW . . .
Shag Bag: There’s no place like (near) home
Tiger Tracks: Tiger Woods' Masters pairing released
Woods’ official return comes during telecast
Thursday tee times at the Masters
Shag Bag: A champion’s menu
Tiger Tracks: Players looking for vulnerability
Tiger Tracks: O'Meara reports on his practice round with Woods
Tiger Tracks: Phil talks Tiger
Mell: Three's Company
Hoggard: Beauty and the Beast
Tiger Tracks: A golden prediction
Duval back st Augusta after ’06 flameout
Cabrera hoping to defend Masters title
Can a Tiger change his stripes?

April 5, 2010
Hoggard: Media asks, Tiger answers questions
Woods changed, but the goal to win is the same
Readers almost even on rooting interest for Woods
Woods' press conference transcript
Tiger Tracks: Pairing prognostications
Tiger Tracks: Tiger's guard coming down
Tiger Tracks: Woods touched by Augusta patrons
Tiger Tracks: Woods' Q&A
Tiger Tracks: Case closed, game on
Tiger Tracks: Woods answers Galea questions
Tiger Tracks: Couples sharper than Woods in practice round
Tiger Tracks: Furyk detects some Tiger nerves
Tiger Tracks: Woods connecting more with patrons
Tiger Tracks: Rubber-necking at Augusta National
Tiger Tracks: Woods and Co. slow and steady
Shag Bag: Where's Angel?
Tiger Tracks: Pairing prognostications
Tiger Tracks: Standing room only, almost
Lerner: It's Time to Play
Hoggard: Beauty and the Beast
Tiger Tracks: A golden prediction

April 4, 2010
Punch Shots: Tiger's big Monday at the Masters
Lerner: The New-Old Augusta
Lerner: Tiger meets, greets, plays Augusta
Woods officially arrives for Masters week
Video: Majors Roundtable: The Masters

April 3, 2010
Hoggard: A Tee Time With Tiger
Poulter an improbable rise to fame

April 2, 2010
Mell: Golf's Greatest Rivalries
Hoggard: 20th Anniversary of Faldo's win
Sim withdraws from Masters

April 1, 2010
Woods takes spotlight off other golfers
Player capsules for 2010 Masters
Key dates in Masters history
Masters Tournament winners
Tiger brings extra buzz to Augusta