Complete coverage of Tiger Woods saga


Tiger Woods Deutsche Bank

March 16, 2010
Woods to return to competition at Masters
Finchem responds to Woods' return
R&A hoping for Woods to play Open Championship
Hoggard: The Right Place, the Right Time for a Return
Mell: The Biggest Story Ever
Woods the favorite to win Masters with British bookies
Woods' return a boon for marketers
Fans ready to welcome back Woods
Expect huge TV ratings for Woods' Masters return

March 15, 2010
Shag Bag: Finchem can't avoid Tiger talk

March 14, 2010
Shag Bag: Miller on Woods' return

March 13, 2010
Mell: Players leery of being paired with Woods
Lerner: When Tiger Returns

March 11, 2010
Report: Woods hires Fleisher for PR
AP: Woods likely to return at Masters

March 9, 2010
Hawkins: No place like home for Woods

March 8, 2010
Shag Bag: Woods, Haney spotted on Isleworth range

March 5, 2010
Woods doesn't enter WGC-CA Championship field

March 4, 2010
Shag Bag: Tiger's return will jolt golf
Sabbatini wonders what Woods will be like

March 3, 2010
Woods' caddie says he's mad at boss
Nicklaus thinks Woods will play Masters

March 2, 2010
AP: Woods back from therapy

Feb. 26, 2010
Gatorade dumps Woods

Feb. 24, 2010
Nike sticking by Woods despite issues

Feb. 23, 2010
Procter & Gamble keeping Woods on the shelf
Report: Woods apologizes to school parents
Woods still holds all the cards in the world of golf

Feb. 22, 2010
Report: Federer hopes Woods returns soon

Feb. 20, 2010
Woods' caddie won't allow heckling
Dali Lama says faith can bring Woods peace

Feb. 19, 2010

Mell: Redemption Song
Hawkins: 'I was foolish'
Hoggard: Player reaction to Woods' statement
Baggs: What to Believe?
Tiger's mom offers support
Tiger the pitchman far out of the woods
Reaction to Woods' statement
Experts give Woods high marks on statement
Transcript from Woods Statement
Tiger makes case as millions pause to watch
Highlights from Tiger Woods' statement
Tiger omen in Arizona
Woods: Sorry for behavior, unsure of return
Setting the scene at Sawgrass
Uncharted territory
Woods to make speech; return to rehab
What do you want to hear from Tiger Woods today?
Uncharted territory
Man pleads guilty for altering Gatorade bottles

Feb. 18, 2010
Tiger's State of the Union 
GWAA to boycott Woods press event
Tour getting ready for Tiger show

Feb. 17, 2010
Making Sense of it All
Tiger Woods to discuss future at Friday meeting
Tiger Woods to break silence
Tiger Woods issues statement on his Web site
Ballesteros urges Woods to be patient but return
Mislabeled Gatorade bottles suspect considers plea

Feb. 14, 2010
Tiger's 'magical year' gone?

Feb. 12, 2010
No Tiger, or Phil, at Match Play

Feb. 10, 2010
O'Meara finally opens up on Tiger Woods scandal

Feb. 9, 2010
Woods' rule over Pebble Beach overstated

Feb. 8, 2010
When will Tiger Woods return to golf?

Feb. 6, 2010

 Johnny Miller: 'Woods must show genuine sorrow'

Feb. 2, 2010
Golf in the news for the wrong reasons

Jan. 28, 2010
Tom Watson expects better from Tiger

Jan. 27, 2010
Business list says Woods “most powerful athlete”
Mickelson hopeful of his rival Woods’ return
Perry looking forward to Woods’ return
Bookie cuts odds on Woods playing at Masters

Jan. 26, 2010
Woods' break officially begins this week
Woods' daughter's preschool gets hand from law enforcement

Jan. 22, 2010
Mickelson in, Woods out at Torrey Pines

Jan. 21, 2010
Tiger Woods or not, clinic heightens security
New audio released from Woods car crash investigation

Jan. 20, 2010
Ogilvy wants Woods to speak before playing golf
Tiger Woods photos surface

Jan.19, 2010
Garcia predicts earlier return for Woods

Jan. 16, 2010
Ryder Cup among the many question for Woods

Jan. 15, 2010
Goydos' take on Tiger
Woods looking to help Haiti relief effort
Federer: Woods will be back and at his best soon

Jan. 14, 2010
Golfers as TV actors? There's a show for Tiger
Suspect in fake Gatorade labels appears in court

Jan. 13, 2010
Colorado man arrested over fake Gatorade labels
GM says Woods doesn’t get free cars anymore

Jan. 12, 2010
Parnevik staying out of the Woods loop

Jan. 11, 2010
Florida lawmaker calls for investigation in phony Woods claim
Fake Gatorade labels show Woods, say ‘unfaithful’

Jan. 8, 2010
Nicklaus: 2010 a big year for Woods in the majors

Jan. 5, 2010
All questions to the new season begin with Woods

Jan. 4, 2010
Electronic Arts standing behind Woods
Shirtless Woods graces Vanity Fair

Jan. 3, 2010
Mongomerie says Woods will no longer be the same threat

Jan. 1, 2010
AT&T move dives deeper than a staff bag deal

Dec. 31, 2009
AT&T ends sponsorship with Woods
Tiger a control freak who loves to take risks

Dec. 30, 2009
Report: Woods had ‘fat lip’ 4 days after accident

Dec. 22, 2009
Tiger saga dwarfs plenty of ’09 memories

Dec. 21, 2009
Tennis great Becker sympathizes with Woods

Dec. 18, 2009

Ryder Cup captain Pavin sees Woods returning
Tag Heuer to drop Woods from U.S. campaigns

Dec. 17, 2009
Finchem: Tour will survive without Woods
Report: Elin divorcing Tiger

Dec. 16, 2009
Woods voted AP Athlete of the Decade
Dubai moving ahead with Woods course

Dec. 15, 2009
Report: Doctor linked to Woods being investigated
Tour: Nothing suggests Woods violated policy
In Sweden, anger over Tiger, pride over Elin
Upper Deck sticking by Woods
Barkley: Woods ignoring famous friends

Dec. 14, 2009
Tag Heuer to assess relationship with Woods
Phil Knight's take on the Woods situation

Dec. 13, 2009
Accenture ends Tiger Woods sponsorship

Dec. 12, 2009
Golf world in shock over Woods' leave
Official: Woods' wife buys house in Sweden
Gillette to limit Woods' role in marketing
Players react to Woods' announcement
Caddie denies knowledge of Woods' infidelity

Dec. 11, 2009
Woods taking indefinite leave from golf
Full statement from Woods regarding break
Mell: The good news in Tiger's statement
Finchem reacts to latetest Woods news
UK court issues injunction in Woods case

Dec. 10, 2009
Nicklaus wants to respect Woods’ privacy
Golfers say they weren’t interviewed about Woods

Dec. 9, 2009
Tiger 2010 – Where and When?
Congressman drops effort to honor Tiger Woods

Dec. 8, 2009
Elin's mother stable after 911 call
With familiarity, Letterman jokes about Woods

Dec. 7, 2009
Report: Two irons next to Woods' crash scene
Witness says Woods drinking on day of crash

Dec. 6, 2009
'Saturday Night Live' mocks Woods

Dec. 5, 2009
Woods takes golf into a year of uncertainty
Tiger Woods’ caddie says he will stand by player

Dec. 4, 2009
Alleged mistress keeping quiet, as does Tiger
Cut Line: The One and Only

Dec. 3, 2009

Parnevik stands by comments
Woods has gone into crisis mode
Uchitel lawyer cancels press conference
Tiger Woods: ‘Personal failings’ let family down
Lawyer for woman who denied Woods affair to speak

Dec. 2, 2009
Parnevik wishes Elin and Tiger had never met
Where does Woods go from here?
Reactions to Tiger Woods saga
Woods’ sponsors standing behind him – for now
One of Golf’s Great Upsets
Woods crash did $3,200 damage to hydrant, tree
Tiger: 'I have let my family down'
Case closed but Woods scrutiny continues

Dec. 1, 2009
Tiger all the talk at Chevron World Challenge
Silence nothing new for Woods
FHP: Investigation over
Video: Woods careless but not criminal
FHP: Woods cited for carless driving
Attorney: Woods' wife asked neighbors to call 911
Attorney for Tiger Woods’ neighbors to speak out
Woods’ crash hampers wealthy neighbors’ privacy
Tiger Woods checks out for the year

Nov. 30, 2009
Mell: Sixty Hellish Days for Woods
Daly calls for Woods to come clean
Woods not playing own Chevron World Challenge
Woods' quest for privacy meets ultimate challenge
FHP not seeking Woods' medical files
Daly hopes for quick return for Woods

Nov. 29, 2009
Mell: Tiger Woods: A legal analysis
Hoggard: Tiger saga getting weirder by the day
Photos from Woods' car accident
Woods' attorney takes charge
9-1-1 audio tape of Woods' crash
Transcript of 9-1-1 audio call
Woods says accident his fault
Woods' full statement regarding accident
Backspin: A memorable Thanksgiving
Golf Channel programming updates
Video: Golf Central breaks down accident coverage

Nov. 28, 2009
Mell: Tiger's worst nightmare
Lerner: Speculative matters
Woods still unavailable for State troopers
Police plan to speak to Woods regarding accident

Nov. 27, 2009
Statement from Woods' office regarding crash
Woods in serious condition after car crash