Daly Reacts to DQ Harmon


John Daly talked with GOLF CHANNEL Wednesday about his disqualifcation from the Arnold Palmer Invitational pro-am, and subsequently not getting to compete in the tournament.
He also spoke on the incidents from last week's tournament, the PODS Championship. Here is the full transcript from his interview:
On his Disqualification:
Peter was here, my caddie. We left at 8:30 to go to the golf course to play the Pro-Am. I was right almost at Gate A when Mark Russell said I missed my tee time. I said, No I was supposed to go off at 9:47. He said, No, you were at 8:40. I said, That is kind of weird because we called the tournament yesterday when I was out here at Celebration practicing and that was the time the lady gave us.
The weird thing was why Peter didnt think we should call back was I thought I was going to go early because that is what I requested. Robert [Gamez] said the first time isnt going to be until 8 anyway because it is going to get light at 7:30 with the time change. So we didnt even think about calling back. So thats cool. No big deal.
Its just sad that Nick OHearn may be disqualified. Him and Imada. I heard Ian Poulter, if he wouldnt have been out there this morning, that he wouldnt have gotten his time because he thought he was late.
It is just unfortunate stuff like this happens. I feel bad for Arnold because he gave me the spot. Had a great hug from him in the Monday pro-am on number seven. I love him to death. First time in 17 or 18 years that I have ever missed a tee-time. I feel responsible for it but I just feel bad this had to happen with all of the other crap going on in my life. I would never miss Arnold Palmers Pro-Am if he wanted me to play. I would never miss that tee time. Unfortunately I just got a bad time.
Ive always played pretty good here. I think Arnold inspires me and makes me play a little better. I dont know. Ive never won here. Ive had some great finishes and some good rounds. I feel bad for all this to happen. Ive got to take the responsibility. I should have checked my time again.
On Splitting with Harmon::
You know I havent seen the articles. I didnt watch the Golf Channel last night. But Butch didnt call me to let me know. I just texted Butch to say, I just wish you would have called me, thats all. I said, I love you like a brother. You're the greatest golf coach, anywhere. I think you are better than anybody. This is unfortunate. I just wish he would have called me, thats all.
On Events during PODS Championship::
Peter has had a neck problem for about the last two months. Jimmy has popped him back in. His neck was killing him. It got cold. And I said Peter, lets get Coach to caddy the last six or seven holes because darkness was going to come. I mean, it wasnt like, you know, Peter was hurt. So, no problem, it was great for the tournament. Everybody loved it.
Same thing Saturday at Tampa. Gerald, the tournament director, says Do you want to go to the Owls Nest? I said yeah I am already going because Hooters wants me to be there. Sign hats. Talking to the fans and having a good time. This thing about flipping a camera guy off. Well, we may have done it in fun. Half the time I take pictures with guys they want me to flip the picture off because that is what they want. We were having a good time. Nobody was loud. I thought it was good for the tournament. Hooters loved it. I sat there and ate, had a few beers with Peter. Wasnt drunk or anything. I was there for four hours signing things. It was a good thing. But now it seems like this guy who wrote this article about me flipping off the camera guy, I guess he just doesnt like me. But it wasnt anything mean or anything. It was fun. That is just the way my life is going right now. You think you are doing somebody a good thing and somebody just wants to bring it all down. If that is how they want to live, then so be it. I cant live that way.
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